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Is your child ready for the big school? At preschool, they can prepare for it!

Boy is playing lego bricksLittle Lakers Learning Center facilitates a range of activities and learning methods that will help your child become better prepared for kindergarten and early grade school levels.

Our typical days at preschool would involve:

  • Learning to Write Letters
  • Learning about Weather and Seasons
  • Learning About Shapes
  • Learning Respect and Courtesy – Saying “Please” and “Thank You”
  • Simple Words and Daily Objects
  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
  • Learning Languages – Vocal and Sign
  • Recognizing Different Colors
  • Puzzles and Board Games
  • Craft Projects
  • Coloring Activities
  • Basic Reading Skills

Call us at 616-846-4044 for enrollment inquiries. Thank you for choosing Little Lakers Learning Center and see you in class soon.